Reporting A Listing

If you suspect a listing to be fraudulent, misleading or illegal please report it to us for review. You can also report listings whose information might not be correct e.g. a contact phone number.

It is important to know that we are providing this service as a 'notice board' on which people can post their own listings. They are not submitted to us first and therefore we do not do any form of checking on this information. We recommend all users of the site also read our 'Safety Tips' page to become more aware of things to look out for when viewing and applying to advertisement on the site.

We do of course monitor the site and investigate anything we find misleading or inappropriate but we do rely heavily on the users of the site to report to us any suspicious activity.

How To Report A Listing

You will see at the bottom of each listing an orange 'Report Listing' button. see below



On clicking the button above you will see the report form open. Just complete the information and click on 'Report This Listing' to send it straight to us. We will then investigate the issue asap.